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Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Removal Service

Do you have an old hot tub that you are considering getting rid of? 

Unused Hot Tubs:
  • Take up room in your backyard
  • Attract rats, spiders and mosquitos
  • Cost you extra $each month on your home owner's insurance
How much does it cost to have a hot tub removed and disposed of? 
An average price is $350. Dump fees can really add up with hot tubs and it takes a lot of work to get the old rotted ones out safe and clean. Make sure to ask potential hot tub removal companies if the dump fees and electrical disconnect is included in their price quote!

SpaRecyclers.com gets a lot of inquires for hot tub removal. We don't remove hot tubs, but we highly recommend Spa Removers. They are the only company in California that are experts in this area. They will give you a fair quote, schedule an appointment that fits your schedule and have it out safe and clean in about 2 hours.

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